Sunday, August 18, 2019


I Quit My Job for The Northernmost City in The World

A game called “Far and wide I want to travel the world”. A couple of years ago I touched the south coasts of Argentina, visiting Ushuaia, the most southern city. I’ve always played with the geographical map and in this childish game with it, this year I decided to push myself toward the opposite edge of the world, looking for the northernmost village. Planning our trip, my travel mates felt a mixture of fear and excitment: “What’s there? Isn’t it too cold? Is it worth a visit?” We landed at the end of April in the small airport of this 60.000 square kilometres territory, with temperature floating between five degrees celsius in summer and minus forty in winter. Not further than five km from the airfield, a small settlement arises in a valley between two mountains dug by glaciers through the centuries. Our guesthouse, an old miners’ accomodation, is located at the extreme side of the town,...