Saturday, October 19, 2019

[Talks]: Fejká

A talk with German producer and visual artist

[Talks]: Colin Stetson

A talk with American musician before his live show at Locus Festival

[Talks]: Venerus

A talk with Italian songwriter

[Talks]: Eluvium

American Portland-based musician and composer tell us ore about the new album

[Talks]: ?Alos and Xabier Iriondo

Italian duo explain their new collaborative album

[Talks]: Shlohmo

American producer explains his latest album "The End"

[Talks]: Dino Fumaretto

Italian songwriter tell us more about the new album and his way to think music

[Talks]: Good Moaning

A Talk with Italian band about the new album, live shows, the born place and more

[Talks]: Adam Vida

Introducing Bay Area rapper

[Talks]: C’Mon Tigre

A talk with Italian duo

[Talks]: The Star Pillow

A talk with Italian sound artist and musician

[Talk]: Esdì

A talk with Italian rapper

[Talks]: Janus Rasmussen

Reykjavík-based producer explains his first solo album

[Talks]: Takagi Masakatsu

A talk with Japanese pianist and filmmaker

[Talks]: Be Forest

A talk with Italian band about the new album

[Talks]: Machinefabriek

A talk with Rotterdam-based musician, composer and sound artist

[Talks]: Andrea Belfi

A talk with Italian drummer and composer

[Talks]: Josin

A talk with German talented composer, songwriter and producer

[Talks]: Corrado Nuccini (Giardini di Mirò)

A talk with Italian musician about his solo projects and the new Giardini di Mirò album

[Talks]: Mono

A talk with Japanese band

[Video Premiere + Talks]: Soul Island – “Neon Vision”

Italian London-based producer shares new video

[Talks]: NYX

A talk with British electronic drone choir

[Talks]: Colin Stetson

A talk with American musician

[Talks]: Jerusalem In My Heart

Montréal-Beirut contemporary Arabic audio-visual duo tell us more about new release

[Talks + Premiere]: SONS of VILJEMS

Introducing bass/guitar melodies- and drones-generating duo from East London

[Talks]: Human Colonies

Italian band explain debut album

[Talks]: Caterina Palazzi

Italian musician explains her new album

[Talks]: Ozmotic

A talk with Italian duo

[Streaming Premiere + Talks]: EMPTY SET

Full streaming of the first album of the collaborative project between Alessandro Vagnoni and Enrico Tiberi

Talks: Youarehere

Going beyond to save an electronic identity

[Talks] : Stray dogs – A frequency in motion

A talk with Koenraad Ecker and Frederik Meulyzer

[Talks]: Datarock

A Talk with Norwegian band

[Talks]: Igorrr

A talk with the French musician

[Talks]: Enrico Ruggeri

A talk with Italian musician

[Talks]: Ka Baird

A talk with New York-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist

[Talks]: Lorenzo Masotto

A Talk with italian composer and musician

[Talks]: Markus Acher (Notwist) about Alien Disko Festival (Munich)

A talk with German musician about Munich festival

[TALKS]: Gary Gritness

A talk with French artist

[Talks]: Duran Duran Duran

Our talk with Philadelphia-based producer

[Talks]: Mammùt

A Talk With Icelandic band

SOM Singles Series #5: A Talk With Thisquietarmy

A talk with the Canadian musician and a new track from upcoming album

SOM Singles Series #2: A Talk With Dieter von Deurne &...

A talk with Antwerp-based musician and the premiere of a new track from upcoming album

SOM Singles Series #1: A Talk With Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding)

A talk with Controlled Bleeding's musician

[Talks]: Mathias Götz (Lovebrain and Diskotäschchen)

A talk with German musician

[Talks]: Anigo

A talk with the German songwriter

[Talks]: Carnot

A talk with Rome-based band


Branding and chatting with this new talented duo from Italy

A Talk With Gianluca Favaron

A talk with italian sound artist

A Talk With Vasco Viviani (Old Bicycle Records)

A talk with OBR mind

[Mixtape Premiere]: Roberto Begini – “The Path (part 2)”

Italian artist shares new mixtape

[Talks]: Edit Select

A little talk with British producer


First album for the founder of Apes of Tapes

[Talks]: Mara Simpson

A few words with Brighton-based singer-songwriter

[TALKS]: Raffaele Grimaldi

A talk with Italian composer

[Talks]: Laish

A talk with Daniel Green

[Talks]: Junkfood

A little talk about the collaboration with Enrico Gabrielli for 'Italian Masters'

Brexit, European Union Referendum – Musical Chairs

Reactions about Brexit and Music Industry

[Talks]: Brian Case

A little talks with Chicago-based guitarist

[Talks]: Machweo

A little talk with Carpi-based producer

[Talks]: Witxes

A little talk with French musician

[Talks]: Ensemble Economique

Brian Pyle about his music and live performances

[Talks]: Plunge

A few questions about the Milan-based art project

[Talks]: Rafael Anton Irisarri

A little talk with Rafael Anton Irisarri