Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Anna Calvi – ‘Hunter’

The return of British musician and singer-songwriter

Nine Inch Nails – “Bad Witch”

Trent Reznor and co. are back

Jesse Woolston – “Variation I”

About New Zealand composer new album

[Talks]: Caterina Palazzi

Italian musician explains her new album

[Talks]: Ozmotic

A talk with Italian duo

Dead Cat In A Bag – “Sad Dolls and Furious Flowers”

Reflections about Italian band new album

Primavera Sound 2018: Best New Acts

The best newcomers performances

Goat Girl – “Goat Girl”

Reflections about British alt-rock band debut

Classical vibes at Primavera Sound

The world of classical in Barcelona

[Track By Track]: House Of Tarts – “H.O.T.”

Italian Venice-based duo share new album

[Track By Track]: Little Tornados – “Apocalypse!”

David Thayer explains the new album

Rival Consoles – “Persona”

Reflections about London-based producer new album

[TRACK BY TRACK]: Platonick Dive – “Social Habits”

Italian band explain new album


Discovering more on the new EP out today


New EP for the synth-pop Italian act

[Track By Track]: Stina Stjern – “Kap Herschell”

Norwegian Oslo-based artist about new album

Son Lux – ‘Brighter Wounds’

Refelctions about New York-based band new album

GusGus: Iceland’s Electronic Pioneers

A portrait of Icelandic band

Koenraad Ecker – “A biology of shadows”

Reflections about Berlin based Belgian musician new album

The Soft Moon – “Criminal”

Reflections about American musician and songwriter new album

[Track by Track]: Kat Frankie – “Bad Behaviour”

Sydney-born, Berlin-Based singer explains new album


New year, new music. Check 30 new upcoming albums: Nanook of The North, Efrim Manuel Menuck, Abyss X, Tim Kuhl, Broken Records and more

Beck – ‘Colors’

American songwriter released new album

[Track by Track]: Strange Boy – “Annunciation”

Electronic duo relesed new ep

[Track by Track]: Kuthi Jinani – “Discarga Verde”

Milan-based producer released new EP

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2017: Best Shows

The Best Shows we saw at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

The National – “Sleep Well Beast”

Reflections about Cincinnati-based band's new album

Bad Girls: California Rock Shopping Tips

Reflections about California-based female bands

Ride – “Weather Diaries”

Reflections about the new album

Algiers – “The Underside Of Power”

A reflection about new Algiers full-length

Som Singles Series #7: Sin Fang, sóley and Örvar Smárason

A track from the collaborative project of Icelandic artists

SOM Singles Series #6: A Talk With William Ryan Fritch

A Talk With American Composer about his new albums

Slowdive – ‘Slowdive’

Reflections about the long awaited come back

Future Islands – “The Far Field”

Reflections about Baltimora based band new album

Waiting for Primavera Sound 2017: Mitsky

About Japanese/American songstress-songwriter

Waiting For Primavera Sound 2017: Tycho

The project of San Francisco-based artist Scott Hansen

Edda – “Graziosa Utopia”

Reflections about new Italian singer-songwriter album

[Talks]: A Tree Grows

An interview with the band from New York

Soulwax – “FROM DEEWEE”

Reflections about Belgian duo new album

Xiu Xiu – “Forget”

Reflections about Jamie Stewart's project new album

The Garden – “U Want The Scoop?”

A reflection about Orange County-based band new release

Julie’s Haircut – “Invocation and Ritual Dance of My Demon Twin”

Independent in an independent musical environment. Since 1994.
moonface and siinai my best human face

Moonface and Siinai – “My Best Human Face”

The new collaboration with the Finnish band Siinai,

Austra – Future Politics

Reflections about Canadian project new album

Bonobo – Migration

Reflections about Simon Green's new album

Childish Gambino – “Awaken, My Love!”

Reflections about Us artist's new album

Eagulls – “Ullages”

Reflections about new Leeds-based band's album


A list of 2017's upcoming albums: Bonobo, Cesare Basile, Meat Wave, Peter Silberman, High Plains and more

My AweSOMe 2016’s Lists: RECAP

The Best 2016


Staff Lists: Alessandro Miglietta Best Albums

My AweSOMe List – 2016’s Best Albums: Nicola Orlandino

The Best Albums of the Year: Keaton Henson, David Bowie, Mark Pritchard, Weyes Blood, Leonard Cohen and more

My AweSOMe List – 2016’S Best Albums: Giacomo Cortese

Staff Lists: Giacomo Cortese's Best Albums

My AweSOMe List – 2016’s Best Albums: Luigi Zampi

Staff Lists. Luigi Zampi's Best Albums

My AweSOMe List – 2016’s Best Songs: Nicola Orlandino

The Best Songs of the Year: A SInger of Songs, David Bowie, Massive Attack, Rodeo, Housw of Wolves and more


The Lemon Twigs, Noga Erez, Slumbers and more

My AweSOMe List – 2016’s Best New Acts: Nicola Orlandino

The Best new music of the year: Orson Hentschel, Carla Dal Forno, Alder & Ash, Camara, Marcus Whale and more

My AweSOMe List – 2016’s Best Labels: Orlandino Nicola

The 50 Best labels of the Year


Reflections about Danish artist latest release

Primavera Sound 2017: Ten names to keep in mind

10 names you don't wanna miss at Primavera Sound 2017

Stupid Cosmonaut – “Proxima”

Reflections about Manchester-based band's album


Listen the new album and read the interview

Paradise Range – “P.I.K.A.”

German band return to the fray with their second full length

White Lies – “Friends”

Reflections about London trio new album
Alcest - Kodama

Alcest – “Kodama”

Reflections about French band's new album

White Lung – “Paradise”

Reflections about Canadian band new album

New Model Army – “Winter”

A reflection about new album of the Justin Sullivan's project

Warpaint – ‘Heads Up’

Reflections about American band's new album

Sonic Avenues – “Disconnector”

Reflections about Montreal-based band new work
Preoccupations Band

Preoccupations – “Preoccupations”

Reflections about former Viet Cong new album

Psycho Kinder – “The Psycho Kinder Tapes”

Reflections about new album of Alessandro Camilletti's project

Lisa Hannigan – “At Swim”

Reflections about Irish singer-songwriter's new album

Slomatics – “Future Echo Returns”

Reflections about new Belfast-based band's album

Swans – “The Glowing Man”

Reflections about American collective's new album

Wire – “Nocturnal Koreans”

Reflections about new british band album

Revolutions on the radio…

All you have to do is dig a little deeper and listen...

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – “Symbol Box”

Reflections about Ottawa-based band's album

Anohni – “Hopelessness”

Reflections about the project of Antony Hegarty

Brexit, European Union Referendum – Musical Chairs

Reactions about Brexit and Music Industry

Lowered – “Arche (For Gongs)”

Reflections about Chris Gowers' new album

Primavera Sound 2016: The 5 Best New Acts

The 5 Best New Acts at Primavera Sound 2016

Casa del Mirto – ‘Recover’

Reflections about new Marco Ricci's project album

Tuath – “Existence is futile”

Reflections about Irish band new ep

Savages – “Adore Life”

Reflections about British band new album

Stupid Cosmonaut – ‘Abstract Concepts’

The new ep of Manchester-based project

Radiohead – “A Moon Shaped Pool”

Reflections about British band return

Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – ‘Nerissimo’

Reflections about new collaboration between Blixa Bargeld and Teho Teardo

Underworld – Barbara, Barbara, we face a shining future

Reflections about duo new album

Lay Llamas – ‘The Lay Llamas’

"The Lay Llamas", originally released in 2012

Gnod – ‘Mirror’

'Gnod return to the fray with their snapshot of a disenfranchised, lemming-like, Great British kiss-off'

The Cosmic Dead – ‘Rainbowhead’

A new recording from Glasgow-based band

The Devil Listens To Andy Stott

A portrait of Manchester-based producer

Iggy Pop – ‘Post Pop Depression’

Reflections about Iggy Pop's new album

Desert Mountain Tribe – ‘Either That Or The Moon’

Refelctions about power trio's first full length album

MMOTHS – ‘Luneworks’

Reflections about Irish producer new album

Tales of Murder and Dust – ‘The Flow In Between’

The Aarhus five piece returns with second album

JuJu – “JuJu”

Gioele Valenti returns with new album

One Unique Signal – ‘Hoopsnake’

The third full length album by the London based band

White Hills / Radar Men From The Moon – ‘Fuzz Club...

The latest additions to the Fuzz Club Split Single series

Kevin Verwijmeren – “Those Glorious Heights”

Reflections about Dutch Composer's second album

Menimals – ‘Menimals’

Reflections about Riot Season records release

The Underground Youth – ‘Mademoiselle’ (Physical Release)

Reflections about Manchester-based band's new album

Mugstar – ‘Magnetic Seasons’

British band released new album

Sons Of The Void – ‘Sons Of The Void’

The latest project from David Max

Dead Rabbits – ‘The Ticket That Exploded’ (Reissue)

Reflections about 2013's Dead Rabbits release reissue

Turin Brakes – “Lost Property”

The band’s trademark West-Coast acoustic guitar

[Premiere]: Il Lungo Addio – “Fuori Stagione”

Fabrizio Testa released new album as Il Lungo Addio

Dead Skeletons – ‘Live In Berlin’

Reflections about Reykjavík-based trio new album

Archy Marshall, “A new place 2 drown”

A place for reflection, to give a new sense to the harsh reality

Khruangbin – universe smiles upon you

Reflections about Houston-based band's new album

Causa Sui – ‘Return To Sky’

Reflections about Danish four-piece band new album

Elliott Smith – Heaven Adores You Soundtrack

The intimate, meditative inquiry into the life and music of Elliott Smith

Sula Bassana – ‘Shipwrecked’

German guitarist released new album

Magic Shoppe – “Interstellar Car Crash E.P.”

Reflections about Boston-based band new ep

Aarktica – “Ceremony”

Reflections about new album by New York-based project

Tortoise – “The Catastrophist”

Reflections about Chicago-based band new album

Wild Nothing – “Life of pause”

Reflections about Wild Nothing new album

Francesco Giannico – “Erased”

Featuring Thollem McDonas and Amy Denio

DPFMPFMMIBSPB – “Silver Machine (Io Ho Una Macchina D’Argento)”

A tribute to Lemmy for the Worldwide Cancer Research

Planting Seeds 2016: 20 New Music Projects You Need to Follow

A little guide to 2016 New Music Projects