Sunday, January 26, 2020

[Streaming Premiere]: Plants Dub – “Achantus Mollis”

Plants Dub connects electronic music and bio-acoustic researches

[Streaming Premiere]: KIDSØ – “Sparkle” (The Mountain Howl Remix)

Live Electronic duo shares new track

[Streaming Premiere]: Sailing Stones – “Don’t Tempt The Shadow”

Bristol-based singer-songwriter shares new track

[Streaming Premiere]: Jonas Meyer – “Konfusion”

German composer shares debut album

[Streaming Premiere]: Hior Chronik – “One Eternity At A Time” (feat....

Berlin based composer shares new track and announces new album

[Video Premiere]: Message To Bears – “Small Light”

British composer and multi-instrumentalist shares new video

[REH Tales Sessions]: Micah P. Hinson

One take recorded performance at REH Recording Studio

[Streaming Premiere]: Scatterwound – “MN”

Road to Moving Noises Festival

[Streaming Premiere]: The Star Pillow – “Moving Grey”

Italian sound artist shares new track

[Streaming Premiere]: Aidan Baker & N – “230316 Wuppertal”

Road to Moving Noises Festival

[Video Premiere + Talks]: Soul Island – “Neon Vision”

Italian London-based producer shares new video

[Talks + Premiere]: SONS of VILJEMS

Introducing bass/guitar melodies- and drones-generating duo from East London

Som Singles Series #7: Sin Fang, sóley and Örvar Smárason

A track from the collaborative project of Icelandic artists

SOM Singles Series #6: A Talk With William Ryan Fritch

A Talk With American Composer about his new albums

SOM Singles Series #5: A Talk With Thisquietarmy

A talk with the Canadian musician and a new track from upcoming album

SOM Singles Series #4: Maiya Hershey – “Tides”

Lebanese based sound producer and visual artist shares new track

Som Singles Series #3: The Steve McQueens – “Hephaestus”

Singapore based band share new track

SOM Singles Series #2: A Talk With Dieter von Deurne &...

A talk with Antwerp-based musician and the premiere of a new track from upcoming album

SOM Singles Series #1: A Talk With Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding)

A talk with Controlled Bleeding's musician