INRI Classic is an Italian label born with the aim of looking at the world of classical music in unexpected ways. The Shape of Piano To Come Vol.1 is a 20-track compilation which aims to present to the public original songs that represent the beauty and innovation of the contemporary piano world, with composers who are able to combine classical tradition and innovation.

The release will be available in a limited edition vinyl from November 6th. We already shared 5 tracks here. Today we’ll introduce five new tracks of the compilation.

Franco Robert. Franco Robert is an Argentinian composer and musician, member of the metal band Tersivel. He began to play the piano at the age of 10 and started his solo career as a pianist in 2018 with an American label, Sonder House. His music was also featured in audiovisual projects in the United States and Mexico. The track “Mustio” shows the delicacy of his composition.

Angel Ruediger. Angel Ruediger is a Brazilian composer and pianist. She studied piano for ten years before recording her first pieces, and hasn’t stopped since. Her interest in art and history, carried on in the academic field, have always been sources of inspiration for her compositions. “Gaia” unveils the fluid and velvety flow of her music.

Igor Longhi. Musician with a very varied background, he boasts a multifaceted career that also includes the reggae band Makako Jump, with whom he has played throughout Europe. His musical influences converge, together with the teachings of the masters of neoclassicism, in his productions as a pianist, creator of songs that combine intimism and expressiveness, classicism and minimalism. The new track is called “Rapsodia“.

Eva Bezze. The very young composer and pianist is the latest new entry in the Inri Classic roster. Class 2003, Eva began playing the piano at the age of 9 attending the G. Prina Civic School of Music and then she began composing. At 14 she wrote her first song entitled “Veliero”. In 2018 Eva presented this composition at Pianocity Milano at the Academy of Fine Arts, at the Studio Glance of Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia and also at the International Music Competition held at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan. Eva is currently continuing to experiment with new sounds and new melodies. “Senza Tempo” is the new track which shows the malncholic restlessness of his music.

Francesco Nigri. Francesco Nigri is an Italian composer and pianist. He has learned to free himself from the mannerist perfection of classical music and to take the courage to pursue his own contemporary, essential style, to be given space even outside the scores and to share with those who want to listen to stories made of sound, thoughts, visions and feelings told with the universal alphabet of music. Check the gentle melodies of the track “Latency“.