Supriya Nagajaran is an Indian musician, vocalist and composer. Dusk Notes is her debut album which will be out on November 20th. It was co-composed and co-performed with Duncan Chapman and was recorded at the University of Huddersfield by Mark Mynett and was inspred by a National Trust sponsored event in the Peak District called ‘Be Kinder’, created and hosted by ‘Pulp’ front man and BBC Radio 6 presenter Jarvis Cocker, and Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, where Supriya performed in 2019.

According to the press release, Dusk Notes is a spiritual album that speaks to the Hindu gods, in particular Krishna the god of compassion, tenderness and love; and also one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities. The album features 2 tracks of spoken word devised by Supriya and 4 songs whose melodies date back to to original ragas written in 2nd and 3rd century AD India.

A key collborater on the album is Duncan Chapman, a composer and sound artist who regularly works with many leading music organisations throughout the world. He sampled some beautiful natural sounds including the Dawn chorus at Willingham by Stow Lincolnshire, streams at La Chaux Switzerland, evening ambiences in Helsinki and Bergen and even candles burning in St James Church in Reading.

We have the pleasure to premiere the video of the first excerpt “Notes at Dusk“. Watch it below.