Dadub is the project of Italian, Berlin based producers Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma. A few months after A Sun Called Moon 12”, they have announced a new full-length called Hyoersynchron which will be out on October 23rd via Ohm Resistance. “Link To Quantum” is the first excerpt.

According to the press release, From the sinister to the breathtaking; in a world where an inverse red sun is damped by burgundy clouds over crimson alloy alleys, HYPERSYNCHRON is not an easy digestible or disposable work. Its rhythms set a future standard perfectly balanced across the farthest known and unknown spectra of electronic music, with bass technology so alien and precise that it may indeed take centuries to reverse engineer. Grooves from a hidden galaxy on axis-tilt just out of reach from our world, longing to join with our human planet interpretation of time. Presented across 2 slabs of heavy wax, accompanied by a remake from the Dark Lord himself, SCORN. Audio ayahuasca for the dimensionally adventurous.

Listen below.