Eluize is an Australian, Berlin-based producer and composer. One year after the debut full-length Confide, she has announced the release of the sophomore album called Gone which will be out on October 19th via Craigie Knowes. According to the press release, Experimental sounds feature alongside club-ready Techno and Electro – moving effortlessly and coherently across genre and influence.

‘Gone’ captures the full-spectrum of Eluize’s mastery of songwriting, composition & production in all of its shimmering intricacy. Her take on synthesis, drum programming, mixing and original vocals/lyrics take you by the hand and lead you into a rich garden of colour and sound. The 12″ version is accompanied by an A5 insert with a message from the artist and information on how to get your hands the HQ digital files, including the final 2 tracks that complete the album.

Check the excerpts below.