A bit longer than 3 years after the release of his album Hades on Bedouin RecordsConstantine Skourlis announces Eternal Recurrence, an album with compositions and production even greater than the previous album.

You thought you had reached the deepest level by listening to Hades? This time Constantine will pull the cord much harder, and takes you to a level you never imagined existed. So take a deep breath, for a breathless descent into abyssal depths, where only the light of the vocal actors will light up your screen. The path taken by Constantine over the last 3 years offers a quality of production worthy of the highest ranking cinematographic productions. Hades now seems to be a shadow, in 2D format, hovering over this 4D production! 4D, because your seat will tremble while listening to titles such as CollapseReality Cancelled or Reckoning. Nevertheless, his ability to control the dynamics of the sound and the frequency range will let you savor every detail, every whisper and will make you feel the power of silence in its entirety, and this until to the last verse.

If I could have had the chance to share a new excerpt with you today, I would have chosen Reality Cancelled. First of all because the album has to be listened to in the right order. But also because the title develops an extraordinary strength and a wide and majestic expansion, that seems to open fully across the width of the room. But to feel the strength and finesse that collide on this album, you need quality audio equipment! Indeed, the frequencies Constantine uses leave no room for error in the titanic work of mixing and mastering. But they also leave no chance for medium quality audio playback material. For me, it’s the first time I’ve had to give up my headphones! This kind of sound requires space, a room, a movie theater [perhaps?]. But on my Dynaudio, the listening was magnificent and gigantic! The album comes out on November 20th, a short time left for you to procure speakers worthy of being the host of this sound. That obviously, stands out from everything I’ve had the chance to experience this year, and is clearly in the 2020’s Sonofmarketing trifecta! In the meantime, a first excerpt.

Photography credit: Myrto Grigoriou