Oxford-based composer and producer Sebastian-Reynolds, also known for his work with SOLO Collective, has announced the release of a new EP called Nihilism is Pointless which is out in January 2021 via Capitol K’s Faith & Industry label. It follows 2020’s The Universe Remembers (you can check the track by track here).

Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track called “Diving Board” which shows the well-built tension of the sound, the refined trembling lines and the final rhythms change which reveals an explosion of noises. According to the press release, it channels the altered states of consciousness experienced through meditation, cold water exposure and prayer, it represents the deep breath before taking the plunge.

The track was mixed with Mike Bannard at The Aviary, Oxford. Guitars by Andrew Warne and James Maund, bass by Phil Hanaway-Oakley with additional production by Ben Thomas.

Listen below.