Hugh Klein is an Australian musician and producer who we introduced with the track “Quand C’est Mou”. Now he’s back with a new tune called “Sensitive” whcih is out via Lekker Collective. He explains:The lyrics, deliberately spaced and brief, originate from a notebook of short poems I kept while residing in Pantin, France. Experiencing connection in a new location of the world became particularly important and I was making my first findings of incredible and unmatched intimacy through finding genuine connection. There is nothing more intimate than two minds that completely understand each other – ‘Sensitive’ pays homage to this concept and is designed to bring your attention to the details – to sit in the groove and realise the underlying narrative the arrangement delivers.

In its initial stages, I was frequently consuming a large amount of piano centric jazz ballads and low felt neo-soul with tight and fast percussive elements – what has been a point of interest in a vast number of current jazz musicians. Finding particular underlying patterns and rhythmic ideas in these faster grooves is a real challenge, though equally exciting. The track was completely recorded over multiple jam sessions between keys/vocals and the initial groove”

Listen below.