INRI Classic is an Italian label born with the aim of looking at the world of classical music in unexpected ways. The Shape of Piano To Come Vol.1 is a 20-track compilation which aims to present to the public original songs that represent the beauty and innovation of the contemporary piano world, with composers who are able to combine classical tradition and innovation.

The release will be available in a limited edition vinyl from November 6th. Today we’ll introduce the first five tracks of the compilation.

Dominique Charpentier. Originally from Provence, Dominique Charpentier is one of the few French composers famous in the modern classical world. As a prolific musician, he has already released five albums and numerous singles and EPs. His music tends to focus on emotion and simplicity, with its haunting melodies and minimalists harmonies evoking scenes from a nostalgic film or the contemplative poetry of a beautiful landscape. Check the track “La Mer Au Fond De Tes Yeux” which shows the minimal lines and well-built dynamic rhythms.

Francesco Taskayali. Francesco Taskayali is a young Italian-Turkish composer and pianist. He began composing at the age of thirteen and released five records and numerous concerts all over the world. He’s gifted with an extraordinary ability to experiment with several techniques and styles of musical composition, and has always shown a lively and sensitive inspiration that embraces the Mediterranean world in which he grew up and traveled: these are the two traits that make his artistic personality constantly growing. The compilation track is called “Love Is Likely To The Wind“. Listen below.

Rita Ciancio. Rita Ciancio is an Italian pianist and composer. She wrote tracks for films, web series, short films and dance companies. Rita has a modern way of interpreting her music: constant research and linguistic innovation with minimalist themes and contemporary grooves interpreted in a very personal style. She composed music for the New York Film Academy and the National Film School in Milan together with the Italian brand “Poli Grappa”: the films were screened at the 2017 New York City Film Festival and at the “75th Venice International Film Festival”. “Per Amore” is a track with a strong intensity and an “embracing” melancholic mood.

Salvatore Lo Presti. Born in 1995 in Sicily, he devoted himself from an early age to the study of the piano, participating in international competitions and also obtaining special mentions from the jury. “Sosphie’s Lullaby” underlines the essential approach to the composition and the well-built and fluid melodies.

Marco Rollo. Composer, pianist and lover of electronics from Salento, he samples sounds that blend with the melodies of the Mediterranean. His musical career is studded with multifaceted experiences, in line with his curious spirit. His encounter with the Balkan sounds made him work with Opa Cupa, Ard Trio, Vudz without forgetting Raffaele Casarano and Paolo Fresu. There is no lack of jazz among his notes, as well as the incursions of dubstep and progressive. Check the new track “Borders“.