Motor!k might be a word set to Motorik, which textually means motor activity in German. A neologism that appeared in the 70’s, used to describe the rhythm of a certain number of Krautrock’s bands. It describes a hypnotic, repetitive and throbbing rhythm. So, the band led by Joeri Dobbeleir (The Whereabouts Of J. Albert) and including Dirk Ivens and Dries D’Hollander (ex-Suburb Songs), picked the right name to set the scene and give us a clear idea of what we’re going to listen to on their albums… Ho! but you might not know what krautrock is? Don’t fret, I suck at music tagging too! Krautrock is not a clearly defined style, but rather a common mentality, the will to question old values, to discover new countries, and finally to develop an own musical language. (Henning Dedekind) Nevertheless and beyond this pretty but somewhat evasive description, krautrock gathers essential influences that we easily recognize in the 2 Motor!k albums. It is a very eclectic style based on a progressive and alternative Rock, yet quite often psychedelic.

But once again, being bad in musical tagging and speaking only with my feelings, I have scrolled these two albums on a very Surf-Rock wave! Some of the tracks of Motor!k refer me directly to a very Surfing track from the Grinderman 2 RMX album, Hyper Worm Tamer by The Grinderman/UNKLE

If Krautrock, which emerged in the 60’s, is considered to be a mix of progressive and psychedelic rock, it is also enriched with new experimental ideas coming from jazz as well as taking advantage of the technological evolution that came with the introduction of synthesizers in the 70’s. So I guess that was Joeri Dobbeleir’s pronounced taste for early synthesizers that led him to start this new project, teaming up with Dirk Ivens for the cause. Dirk Ivens, on Guitars and FX, is a man who wrote a part of the history of underground music in the 80s, with projects such as Absolute Body Control, The Klinik and Dive, he played an important role in the development of the industrial and EBM scene in Belgium, and has built a body of work that, it has to be said, will survive its time.

Mixing guitars with synthesizers is an essential marker found in many emerging krautrock projects in the 70s. But even more recent projects manage very well in that genre. So if you enjoyed the track Visitor by Teeth of the Sea/Wraith, (Sonofmarketing’s 2019 best of) a track that directly referred me to Vangelis and his original 1982 soundtrack for Blade Runner, you might appreciate the color of Motor!k’s synthesizers and the sequencer phrasing on the track Stellar.

That being said, one could engage in a whole series of useless comparisons, without drawing much benefit from them. What should be retained in all this, is the magic of the fusion that offers a style that could be described as Anti-Genre or Post-Everything.
The most obvious track on this new album is, in my opinion, Ritual. It gathers all these influences, which make me surf to a Rock with a very 80’s Kick, tinted by synths that get lost in wishful thinking of Tangerine colors. (Video is made by Gabriel Edvy from Blackswitch Labs).


Covid restriction obliges! Motor!k are unable to promote this new album in live performance for the moment. We all hope that all this will soon be over!
Nevertheless you will be able to catch them live on October 18th at 8:30pm CET by following this link. But now let’s surf on the two albums in their whole streaming. Motorikofficial on Facebook.