Orouni is a Parisian singer-songwriter and musician. Back in 2019, he released his third album titled PartitionsIt was recorded and co-produced with Guillaume Jaoul and it features Nina Beziau (baritone saxophone), Sofia Bolt (vocals), Emma Broughton (flute, vocals), Steffen Charron (bass, guitars, vocals), Benoît Giffard (trombone), Maëva Le Berre (cello), Anne Millioud-Gouverneur (violin), Jean Thevenin (drums, drum machine), Raphaël Thyss (piano, keyboards, trumpet), Nicolas Worms (keyboards).

He has shared a new video for the track “No News Is Bad News“. He explains: “We are used to saying “no news is good news”, but honestly, this is rarely the case. That’s why this video features its narrator’s ever-shifting emotions: initially peaceful and happy, he becomes worried, even paranoid, before returning to a calmer state. This back-and-forth is illustrated by an alternation between sunny shots of the northern Corsican coast and night shots of Paris, often captured from within the open-air metro. The images were filmed by myself and edited by Justine Emard, a visual artist whose work has been exhibited at the Barbican Centre in London.”

Watch it below.