Grey as ash, dark as the year 2020. This is Asche, Haus Arafna‘s new piece of Dark work. After almost 10 years, they come back with a new release. Different from the previous ones, cloudy but not aggressive. Full of deep and sometimes deleterious emotions, in accordance to their style. A journey into the depths of our fears, full of fluctuating and hypnotic sounds that sometimes remind us of the parallel project November Novolet, But nevertheless that preserves their identity.

The new work summarizes their experiences already expressed in the album You (2010) or Children of God (1998), but this time a slightly less aggressive than the other works. The album is divided into a journey full of pathos, a slow shipwreck in darkness that leads the listener to alienate himself from the rest and lock himself in a dark room to protect his Ashes.

The album opens with Leiden An Deiner Statt, whereby drums accompanied by distressing voices and screams seem to paint the suffering unexpressed of our deepest self. It passes through an interlude with Feierhalle to Kreise Um Das Nichts, a dark pearl in which the low sound in the background violently penetrates the mind of the listener to moves on to Asche. A blend of prayer and song of sorrow that gave the work its title. Which is followed by Toter Mensch, Keine Tränen and Sieh Mich An, in the industrial sounds that characterize Mr. and Mrs. Arafna. The whole work oscillates, like a sinusoid at the mercy of a storm. Among these last pieces, the slow Deine Liebe canticle stands out from the pain wherein the voice wraps completely space and time accompanied by a funerary synthesizer. Coming back with Asches, in a year like this one, for the founders of Galakthorrö is a great gift for all their fans and, of course, for industrial music.