Henrik Lindstrand is a Swedish composer and pianist, better known for his work with the Danish band Kashmir. During his tenure in Kashmir and until the band ́s recently initiated hiatus, Henrik worked with seminal profiles such as Tony Visconti, Andy Wallace, David Bowie and Lou Reed, all the while maintaining a career as a composer for television and cinema.

He has announced the release of a new album. Nordhem is out on October 23rd via One Little Independent Records. It represents the finale in a trilogy of poetic, deeply personal melodically woven soundscapes comprising of the two critically acclaimed albums ‘Leken’ (2017) and ‘Nattresan’ (2019). Lindstrand communicates emotions through a soothing and intimate universe that seamlessly blends genres into his own ecosystem of sounds from the piano.

Lindstrand explains that “Nordhem means “north home” in Swedish and pays tribute to my Scandinavian roots. Both my childhood with the Swedish nature and landscape forming my musical expression but also my grown up life in Copenhagen since age 20 and that city’s way of shaping me as a person and composer. But Nordhem also refers to my parents to whom the album is dedicated. It felt natural to express my gratitude to them after so many years of actively supporting me and my choice to become a musician since I was a child. After becoming a parent myself, I know how difficult it is to raise a child and to give that person the best opportunities in life and balancing between inspiring, leading and letting go.”

Stora Huset” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.