Noya Rao is a Leeds-based quartet that involves Tom Henry (Cosima, Yellow Days), bassist Jim Wiltshire, drummer Matt Davies and vocalist Olivia Bhattacharjee. Their music mixes dynamic electronic lines, dreamy vibes, jazz and hip-hop connections. Back in 2017, they have released the debut album Icarus via Gondwana Records.

They have released a new self-released EP called Stay. Speaking on the EP, Noya Rao said: “We selected the songs on this EP for their energy and hope they exude a tone of the season. It’s music that you want to listen to as the sun sets, it’s music that makes you feel something.”

Listen below and and check a playlist from the Leeds-based band with tracks and artists which inspired their music.

Choices by Matt Davis (drummer)

Anderson Paak – Heart don’t stand a chance. The Anderson Paak tiny desk concert is something that everyone should’ve seen. There’s so much energy in his performance. I often show this to kids that I teach as an example of effortless drumming and how he plays exactly what is needed for the song. And that smile is infectious!

Eli kezler – Lotus Awnings. I was introduced to Eli kezler by my friend Kirk Barley. His drumming is super unique and his productions seamlessly combine drums and electronic/sampled sounds. Love the creepy mellotron/flute sample in this one.

Clever Austin – Blue Tongue. Clever Austin (Perrin Moss) is mad talented and his multi-instrumental production skills are really showcased on this collab with Jon Bap. Sounds like a trippy record from the 70’s.

Choices by Tom Henry (keys/producer/mixer)

Miles Davis 1964 in concert – my funny valentine. One of my all time fav jazz performances. Incredible subtleties and interplay between the band. You can really hear how connected they are. A dream-team line up consisting of Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams, George Coleman and Miles of course.

Nick Hakim tiny desk- Cuffed (the whole gig). Huge fan of Nick Hakim. This performance is outstanding. Bass and drums holding it down. Keys and guitar adding beautiful sprinkles. Such a tasteful band, not overplaying, considerate of space, tone and and feel. Nick has a crazy voice! My fav male singer around today by far.

Choices by Olivia Bhattacharjee (vocalist/lyricist):

Little Dragon – Cat Rider. The production and songwriting that this band demonstrates constantly inspires us, their playfulness and desire to stay true to themselves and make music they like is something we often come back to. The inventiveness of Yukimi’s vocal deliveries is something that always piques my interest.

Leikeli47 – whole NPR tiny desk performance. An impressive demonstration of story-telling and such a tight band! The four of them in this performance sit right in the pocket, I love the blend of jazz, soul and rap.. such an original sound and the rhythm of her delivery is on point!!