Ground is the duo comprised of Benjamin Kitchens and Eric Brannon (Glass House). Correspondence is the debut EP which is out via Hush Hush Records. According to the press release, Benjamin and Eric are old friends that live on separate coasts and work entirely through email and phone calls. Benjamin makes short recordings in his living room using guitar, pedals, and his kids’ instruments. Eric then rearranges, processes, adds instrumentation and mixes these recordings.

The collaboration started with a 2020 New Year’s Eve greeting from Benjamin to Eric. The greeting contained a snippet that ultimately became the foundation for the title track to Ground’s debut EP. More songs were brewed up in this intuitive and organic manner, and upon striking a connection with Hush Hush, their initial collection of works have now been pared down to four songs that reveal the introductory glimpses into Ground’s mesmerizing sonic world. Elements of ambient, drone, noise, and post-rock blend together in ways both soothing and confounding. It’s a sound that’s both welcoming yet mysterious, enveloping yet fleeting. We hope you can warmly embrace, swim through, and get lost in Ground’s ‘Correspondence.

Listen below.