Quaint Ash is the solo project of Italian singer-songwriter and musician Andrea Parascandolo, better known for his work with bands as Sonic Jesus and Bayou Lovers. He has announced the release of the debut EP called t(N) which is out tomorrow via Lady Sometimes Records. Pre-order is available here.

Five tracks which shows the well-built blurry melodies, folky connections, the rough psychedelic textures, with the vocals which works as an added instrument. Sounds which feel familiar and embracing but with a strong trembling and alienating side. We can say which uncomfortable melodies meet “polished” noises. The final track is the one which reflects the most these feels.

According to the press release, the title itself, T(n) is based on one of the less known works by Italo Calvino, T(0) which implies the beginning of all things. Or even the moment right before the beginning. By contrast, T(n) is the moment after – the last moment, when the present has already become past and memory is all you’re left with.

We have the pleasure to share the full streaming of the album one day before the release. We want to remember which tomorrow is the first Friday of the month and Bandcamp waives the fees on the site. Let’s support independent music.