Vex Ruffin is a self-taught musician and producer born in Los Angeles and based in Chino Hills. We introduced him with the 2017’s album ConveyorAfter the 2020’s EP Emilio, he has released a new album called LiteAce Frequency which is out now via Stones Throw Records.

It sees Vex, who grew up between America and the Philippines return to his roots. Cooked up at his kitchen table, the album is built on a foundation of 70s Manila Sound and Pinoy soul influences mixing in Japanese funk, Brazilian sounds, and hip-hop. These influences are brought to the forefront on ‘I’m Still At It’, where Vex layers smooth vocals over a funk fusion instrumental.

Watch the new video for the track “Mabuhay Boy” and check our talk with the artist who details the new album, his roots, and much more.

Check the full streaming below.