After the collaborative track with RY X, Icelandic composer and pianist Ólafur Arnalds has announced the release of a new album called some kind of peace which will be out on November 6th via Mercury KX. It features Bonobo, Josin and JFDR. We already shared “Back to The Sky” and “We Contain Multitudes”; “Woven Song” is a new excerpt.

“Woven Song is a defining moment of ‘some kind of peace,’” Ólafur says. “A metaphor for being embraced by something larger than yourself while exploring new territories, the feeling of being held while you open your heart. Using an acrylic pouring process called ‘viscous fingering’ to obtain fractal shapes, Thomas Vanz has created a beautiful visual representation of the lifeline that anchors you to the world during a challenging experience.”

Check the official video below.