Dave Whitcroft is an Irish composer, songwriter,and guitarist born in Newry, County Down, on the sunny side of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. Musical influences include Irish folk music learned on Achill Island, Irish folk-rock band Iona, American soul,spirituals and gospel, Phil Keaggy, Bruce Cockburn, Larry Norman, and James Taylor.

According to the press release, His guitar playing displays a dexterity and technical ability that sets his work apart, but he is more concerned with the story and engagement with the listener than impressing his audience with technical ability alone.

He has announced the release of a new album called Holy Mountain which is the debut instrumental full-length; it will be out on Rhodium in October 2020. The project is a reflection of the transcendent and ‘otherly’ feel of mountains. They are a place apart, they exist undefined and unperturbed by life on the human scale. They remind us of the vastness of time and creation and are revered by many cultures as special places.

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