Andrea Viscardi is an Italian pianist and composer. He developed and refined his piano technique at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, the Royal Academy of Music in London, and the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. As a composer, Andrea wrote the music for the documentary Cue the Muse, which won the prestigious Canadian Leo Award and received a nomination for the Emmy Award in 2014.

Deeper Lake” is the debut track which will be out on October 2nd via Akira Kosemura’s imprint Phono Klavier Limited. It shows the minimal lines and delicate sound. Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video directed by Gabriele Manzoni. Watch it below and check our talk with the artist.

Today we share the video of the debut track “Deeper Lake” which has two versions. Tell us more about the track and the video.

Deeper lake is my debut track as a composer even if I can’t say it is my first piece of music I created. It is the result of an inner process, a very deep journey through my music background and experience. Inspired by my land, strictly connected to the place where I live and so is the music video. An abstract trip into my vision of composing and living life. 

The Artwork is very “foggy” and intense. How did you choose it?

Shin from Phono Klavier did a very good job with this, providing a lot of pictures to choose from. I think this is the best one that matches my concept of this music and of the video itself. Intense is one of the right words to describe this release: I live in a way where only strong emotions matter, that’s in music as on the other aspects of life. I can’t compose music that doesn’t provide deep feelings and reactions. 

You wrote the music for documentary “Cue the Muse“. How was this experience and how much soundtracks could be an important focus of your career?

This was such a blessing. I am proud of several aspects of my life to be fair, but this score is probably one that touches me the most. It was my official debut as a composer and a great honor to work with such a pool of artists. We won the Leo Award as best short documentary and got a nomination for the Emmy Award as best arts/entertainment program which was pretty a great goal for me.

Film scoring and soundtracks in general is something I always loved. Every time I watch a movie, a documentary, or even a random TV show I always pay attention to music. We all can’t imagine a world without music, think about it! So yes, I love to compose music that serves images for the big screen and there is something I’m cooking for the next year. I can’t share details right now but the future is bright! 

You developed and refined the piano technique at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, the Royal Academy of Music in London, and the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. How much these places had an impact on your way to think music? What are your favourite places which have inspired you the most?

Every course, every lesson I took over the years was very important to me. I learned a lot in every place I’ve been, and they all made me the musician I am today. My first musical love was Mozart so Salzburg and the Mozarteum have a special place in my heart. I’m planning to release an EP dedicated to Mozart’s work, this explains how grateful I am for that experience. 

Let’s talk  from the current situation. How are you living these strange times and what are the main concerns as an artist? 

Italy has been one of the Countries that suffered major losses from this awful period. I have lost some friends and relatives so I’m still upset by these events. We all want to recover, I want to recover from this and I truly believe we will. These times helped me with a deeply introspective journey, with more time in front of my piano, with tones of emotions to pull out. I have a track I’ll release soon in honor of all the heroes who have fight this beast, dedicated also to the ones that are not with us anymore. Luckily the situation is getting better and better, hoping this will only last as a bad remembrance.  

Ritual question. Have you seen or heard anything good recently?

Talking about music, I’m listening to Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”, performed by Teodor Currentzis, a great conductor of our times. Love how fresh his Mozart is! We all need to re-discover classical music and these artists are helping the scene a lot.
As classical contemporary composers, I absolutely love the works from Luke Howard, Akira Kosemura, and Olafur Arnalds. Their works are outstanding and they are the ones that give a special touch to the piano sound.  Then I’m listening to a lot of new music that is coming out of my studio, but this is something you’ll hear about soon!