Hello Forever are a Californian art-pop band which is led by Samuel Joseph. Whatever It Is is the debut album which will be out on October 2nd via Rough Trade Records. We already shared “Everything is So Hard”; “I’m Feeling It” is the first excerpt. Check the official video directed by Sam Joseph which explains:

“Songs have a way of writing themselves. ‘I’m feeling it’ came out all at once in a moment when I was unhinged and disconnected — it lifted me up out of that trance and reminded me of what’s underneath. It’s an anthem for experiences like the one I had writing it – catching that little twinkle of the good that’s connecting everything when it shines through the confusion and the mystery, and letting that twinkle be a whole truth in itself even though it’s only a tiny piece. It was a joy recording this song at home in Topanga with Danny Parra and the rest of the group.”