RUI HO is a Berlin based Chinese artist and producer which makes electronic music that mixes the modern club music influences with traditional Chinese sounds. Her last two EPs on Planet Mu sub-label Objects Limited explored different forms of growth, both as a trans woman (Becoming Is An Eventful Situation) and referencing allegorical Chinese folklore (In Pursuit of the Sun 逐日).

A few weeks ago she has released the debut full-lenght called Lov3 & L1ght. According to the press release, it walks the thin line between pop and global club music with determined style. For the first time Rui sings; she explains “I have always been interested in singing but my voice has been a huge obstacle for me since I always wanted a high pitched female voice instead of a deep, low male voice. Vocal feminisation during my transition has been a huge inspiration and it’s a hidden theme of the album too. I hope to learn to love my own voice and be able to find ways to express myself with the voice that I have, without having to fear it. It’s a process of self love, I guess.

Listen below.