David Cordero is a Spanish musician and producer, known also as founder of the label Knowckturne Records. A few months after the collaboration with Pepo Galán, he’s back with a new album called Honne (本 音) which is out now via Dronarivm and it was mastered by Home Normal boss Ian Hawgood.

He explains: “In Japan, Honne (本 音) are a person’s true feelings and desires.
This album is the musical result of my first trip to Japan, a mix of pleasure trip and live tour. These are eight new songs where I try to express with my music the incredible landscapes, sounds, culture and people that I had the pleasure of meeting.

All of these songs were later recorded in my home studio, using some new recording processes and instruments, also influenced by this journey and my shared experience playing with Japanese musicians. In addition, I have received contributions from my friends Miguel Otero, Carles Guajardo, Shuta Yasukochi and Kenji Kihara, the last of whom I met during our performance in Tokyo.

I hope you like these new songs as much as I do. They were made with my true feelings.”

Check the full streaming below.