Ekin Fil is a Turkish drone-pop composer and sound artist. According to the press release, Mainly using guitar and her own voice as well as minimal electronics, her sparse yet heavily immersive recordings (such as 2013’s Ekin Fil and 2018’s Maps) bring to mind shoegaze without the distortion, or ethereal darkwave without any trace of goth.

She has released a new album called Coda which is out now via helen scarsdale. It was mastered by James Plotkin. Check the full streaming below.

In recent years, the turkish drone-pop composer ekin fil (born ekin üzeltüzenci) has been refining her talents in the realm of the film score. since her first recordings that were published by root strata and students of decay, she has always exhibited a preternatural ability to express the saddest of emotions through sound. once channeled through the lens of a gauzy shoegazing smear of guitars and voice, she has peeling away layers of her ephemeral songs to reveal their emotional core. that compositional process that works so well for her award winning film scores informs the soft-focus tenebrous pieces of her 2020 album coda.

It’s true that any number of these pieces on this album could announce the finale to an emotionally draining movie, but ekin sculpts the entire album as a whole, dissolving one perfectly tempered piano motif, an impressionist ambient plume or a sibilant vocal melody into another. just at the threshold of perception, she occasionally invokes cascades of distant noise that easily can be interpreted as the ominous premonitions for natural disasters – incoming storms, earthquakes, or tidal waves. this subtle disquiet amidst the introspective melancholy furthers the emotional weightiness of coda.