Gregory Uhlmann is a Los Angeles based guitarist, producer, and composer. As a guitarist, Uhlmann has played and recorded with John Dieterich (Deerhoof),  Brian Blade (Joni Mitchell), wild Up (new music ensemble), Jeff Parker (Tortoise), and many others. Four years after his first solo full-length Odd Job, he has released a new album.

Neighborhood Watch is out now via Topshelf Records. It is a meditation on domestic bliss experienced in early adulthood, an expression of the sweetness, good humor and fond reflections Uhlmann is compelled toward at this happy place in his life. “Neighborhood Watch is a cozy portrait of grains of sand, cats, ants, getting colds, letting loose, feeling shy, watching movies, and being in love,” the songwriter says.

Check the new video for the track “Coupon“.