Dither Quartet is the New York based guitar project comprised of Taylor Levine, Joshua Lopes, James Moore, and Gyan Riley (son of Terry), whose reputation for meeting compositional challenges has seen them work with the likes of Phill Niblock, John Zorn, Steve Reich, and Elliott Sharp.

Dynamics of Vanishing Bodies is the new album which will be out on September 25th via Focus Recordings. “Auras” is a new excerpt. Brendon explains:“In ‘Auras’, three guitarists unfurl reverb-laden cascades of harmonics while the fourth captures snippets of the reverb in a looper, assembling a ghostly echo of the live music that remains after the other players stop performing. I was thinking about how spaces retain echoes of the people that occupy them, and about technology’s ability to preserve digital remnants of our experiences after they’re over.

The footage for Auras was the result of a series of light experiments conducted by director Derrick Belcham and filmmaker Tracy Maurice (studiotracymaurice.com) in her Montreal studio. They spent several days combining various lighting sources, effectors and filming techniques, putting each initial analog capture through many iterations to achieve deeper development and meaningful connection to the music. The addition of a simple mirror in portions of the final filming provided a layer of incidental metaphor and a further distance from the grounded materiality of the footage.”