Simeon Walker is a British pianist and composer. In recent years, Simeon has performed & toured across the UK and Europe, including supporting S. Carey, Sebastian Plano & Loscil, also appearing at Latitude Festival (UK), Q3Ambientfest (DE), FAN Festival (PT) and a range of concerts, shows and live music events. Three years after the debut full-length Mono, he has announced the release of a new album called Winnow which will be out in November.

The pieces on this album explore the range of emotions and feelings Simeon experienced on a journey of realisation that the faith he had grown up in was never truly his own. It’s not so much an album necessarily about healing or solace; it’s more that in music, he has found his peace.

Winnow refers to the idea of blowing something away until you are left with solely what is authentic; removing something that feels untrue to oneself; separating the wheat from the chaff. A gentler form of iconoclasm perhaps, blown calmly away on the breeze, as we try to make sense of who we are. Always evolving, but shedding what no longer serves us, too.

The album features arrangements for violin, viola, cello, double bass, drums, percussion and ondes Martenot, revolving around Simeon’s distinctive melancholic and evocative piano Today we share a new track called “Speak Pt. 1” which shows he minimal lines of the sound which leads us in a powerful inner experience. Listen below.