KU.DA is the project of the Italian duo comprised of Luca Pasquino and Christian Castelletti. Their music blends rough electronic lines, visionary melodies and alt-rock connections. They have announced the release of their sophomore album which will be out in 2021 via Ma.Ra.Cash Records. Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track called “Warlock“.

They explain: “This track describes a process of transformation and growth of the individual through a symbolic ritual; in South America, it is commonly done together with the so-called “sorcerers”, guides during the herbs-taking which leads to visions and epiphanies.

The main charachter is an individual who suffers from the loss of the loved one and tries to meet her again in the world of the sorcerer, made up of ghosts and guiding spirits, but the awareness of this supernatural reality upsets his mind so much that he forgets his lost love. and makes him lose in the shadows of his mind.

We took inspiration from some readings such as “A scuola dallo stregone, insegnamenti di don Juan”, by Carlos Castaneda, and from the ghost legends of the city of Savannah. Georgia.”

Listen below.