Claudio Donzelli is an Italian, Berlin-based composer and musician, also known for his work with the band Mighty Oaks. He has announced the release of a new album which will be out in November. “Ossessione” is the first excerpt in which, according to the press release, he reflects on the three stages of the dopamine-reward loop – search, reward, disillusionment – through a piano melody, complemented by classical and electronic instrumentation.

Watch the official video below and check a playlist from the Italian composer with tracks and artists which inspired his music.

Radiohead – Just. One of the first music videos I remember watching on MTV in the mid 90s. I was blown away! I think it still has a huge influence in my cinematographic eye.

Coldplay –  The Scientist. A classic! I think that the idea of revealing the story backwards was such a smart way to keep the viewer engaged to the end of the video for such a slow and quite repetitive song. Genius!

Johnny Cash – Hurt. If you don’t know the story behind this song, it’s a Nine Inch Nails’ cover that Johnny Cash reinterpreted. I think Johnny Cash takes those lyrics to a whole different level and the music video is providing such a beautiful context for this old man’s reflection about his life. It’s a masterpiece. Moving and emotional.

Bon Iver – Naeem. I was captured by the interesting plot and aesthetics of this recent Bon Iver music video. Dense of humanity and rich of meaningful details. Such a beautiful piece of art.

Björk – Army of Me. Another classic from the 90s directed by Michel Gondry. I fell in love with the fantastic, dystopian world depicted by this video.