Bottler is the electronic duo of Brooklyn musicians and producers Pat Butler and Phil Shore. Their music mixes rough electronic lines, idm attiude and melodic vibes. A few months after Clementine, they have announced the release of a new EP. Grow will be out on October 9th via via French electronic label InFiné. “Soft Winds” is the first excerpt.

Explaining the creation of the track, Bottler said, “The instrumental began while on a trip to the tropics. There are some places in the world whose beauty is unfathomable until you’re in the middle of it. The song materialized in a day, on just the few instruments that were brought along. The goal was to capture the feeling of being in awe at the beauty of nature around us. Sounds from the wildlife outside our windows are sprinkled throughout the track, from the birds singing to their babies at night, to the waves crashing on rocks beneath us. When our friends in Samurai Velvet caught a glimpse of the track, they were moved and eager to collaborate. Saige [Smith] was dealing with infidelity for the first time and wrote some lyrics to accompany it. The song is about reclaiming lost power in a relationship and taking control of the narrative. That energy evolved easily out of our dynamic, hard-hitting production.”