American rapper and producer VRITRA, fka Pyramid Vritra, has released a new album called Sonar which will be out now via Bad Taste. It’s strongly influenced by the Los Angeles beat scene and was produced by Leon Sylvers IV. Describing the project in his own words, VRITRA says, “for me this was one of the most fun to execute. Most of my self-produced music falls closer to the experimental spectrum, but I feel like I’ve never focused on a solid ‘rap’ album. This is that.

I feel like fans of my music wanted that. Leon has been one of my favourite producers for a long time. With him taking control of the production it freed me to focus on flow, style, and rhythm pockets. The name Sonar is fitting as well. Makes me think of beams. What made rap interesting to me in the first place was style. This is me beaming that style and putting it on the radar”.

Check the official video for the track “What’s That“. Providing more context on the song and visual, VRITRA explains: “Air raid is about mastering whatever you’re doing. “ it’s something in the air” is pointing to the feeling that everyone is following the same path, trying to be the same thing.  “the game is a trap it isn’t fair” addresses the fact the “game” we play isn’t designed for us. “I’m looking in the mirror, my reflection isn’t there, hello, who the f*** I’m ‘sposed to challenge when I’m holding the throne” is saying that, even though it isn’t fair and everyone is moving in the same direction, there is no competition to being you and doing your thing.The video is just on some community vibes, connectivity, human interaction. Feeling like no one can challenge your crew”

Check the full streaming below.