School of X is a moniker of Copenhagen-based musician and songwriter Rasmus Littauer also known for his work as a drummer for MØ, Lord Siva and more. One year after his latest EP Destiny, he has released the debut full-length Armlock which is out via Tambourhinoceros. It is recorded in both Denmark and New York City. And it was after a night out in New York that the record’s title revealed itself to Rasmus:

“The title of the album is Armlock. I came up with the title while driving in a taxi in NYC at 4am in the morning arm in arm with one of my best friends. We were pretty ecstatic about being together in this city at that moment. Literally Armlock of course also has a negative meaning. And this duality means a lot to me because one of my only real struggles is that I’m always trying to break out of what I’m doing. I’m simply scared of being stuck and of being held down by the world around me. It’s not just in music I feel like this – the impermanence of my entire existence is really a lot on my mind“

He has shared a new video for the track “Flowers” which features musician Spencer Zahn who School of X collaborated with while producing Armlock in New York City. Watch it below.