Wallflower is the third release from Dublin based singer-songwriter Christian Cohle’s forthcoming album Holy Trouble, due out later this year and a significant example of his talents.

On the new single Cohle shares, “There’s a flavour of mythicism to the track, and I don’t want to reduce the mantra that is Wallflower anymore than that, and risk it losing it’s magic, of just being, ‘Wallflower.’  Once I release something, it leaves my hands. It’s no longer mine. I think the audience plays just as important a key role in the creation of the song as I do. So for me, I hope people can find their own unique and personal meaning of what ‘Wallflower’ means to them. To me, that’s far more exciting, than where it originally came from.”

Check the track and the official video which sees Cohle going through the motions of an average day.