Hola La Poyana! is the solo project of Italian singer-songwriter and musician Raffaele Badas. We introduced him in 2013 with the debut album Tiny Collection Of Songs About Problems Relating To The Opposite Sex. Now he has announced the release of a new EP called A long cold summer which will be out later this year.

It features different musicians from band as Rigolò, Lilies on Mars, Was, Diverting Duo and Don Leone. Today we have the pleasure to premiere a new track entitled “Like A Modern Jesus Christ“. The artist explains: “It’s a track which I composed a few years ago and I immediately felt comfortable with it, I like to play it and I think it is my thing. It was recorded partly in a villa in the countryside and partly in the studio, its “processing” was very easy compared to the other tracks on the EP. The song tells the story of a boy who is found in a cave, just born, just like the main charachter of the new testament”

“He is adopted by a good man and his life runs smoothly until, as a teenager, he falls in love (reciprocated) with two twins, one good and one bad. He will choose the bad one without regret, to underline the fact that our choices should not adhere to pre-established models, which the good path is not always the right one and that reality in the end is quite chaotic and we should follow a little more our instinct.”

Listen below.