Sergio Tentella is a Rome-based drummer and producer, better known as part of the duo Elephantides and the works with acts as Gio Evan, Rossana Casale, Elisa Rossi, Diego Buongiorno. He has released his first solo EP called Space Pocket Shapes which was revealed last week and you can check here.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the official video of the track “Moon Dancing” which shows the persitent rhythms and the evocative electronic lines. The self-directed clip was born from the concept of “Motion Interpolation”. Watch it below and check our talk with the artist about the debut EP and his music.

You have released your first solo EP this month. What is the focus and the main interest of this project which pushed you to go solo?

 I’ve been partnered with several artists over the past years, which is why I felt the need to explore new aspects of myself and to combine ideas with sounds and visions I’ve always had. The focus of my project is a search for completeness, thus let the musician, the producer and the listener coexist.

Today we share the new track “Moon Dancing”. Can you tell us more about the track and the video which you created? How much important is the visual part for this project?

Months ago I read about the “Motion Interpolation” on a web magazine, a technique that processes images by automatically providing intermediate frames to the existing ones. Feeling curious, I watched some videos made this way and so I came across some moon landing’s footage… Then I began composing looking at images, and there it is “Moon Dancing”. Later, I decided to play up the motion interpolation concept my own way through the time remapping.

How are you living through these strange times and what are your main concerns as an artist?

When you’re very focused on your path and working hard to achieve certain goals, you often don’t realise the context you live in, everything seems to be fringe. I don’t have particular worries so far, I’m positive and involved in my projects. For the rest, let us wait and see…

Ritual question. Have you seen or heard anything good recently?

Yes, I certainly find constant inspiration in artists and colleagues around me, because i think it’s important to keep in touch with our own reality in order to build up a path that better represent who we are. But talking about great names I recently listened to the latest album of Thom Yorke and that one by Louis Cole, simply amazing!