Forest Drive West is the project of British East London-based producer Joe Baker. After different Eps and Singles, he released debut album Apparitions in 2018. According to the press release, it is a fascinating further development of the producer’s intricate fusions of techno, dub and jungle.

Now he announced the singning with R&S Records and has released a new EP called Terminus which is out now. For his R&S debut, Baker pushes his sound further into the darker recesses of D&B, flexing drum production that hypnotises and beguiles, delivering stripped grooves shot through with dissonant pads, swollen feedback and mordant bass that manages to pull off the difficult trick of injecting a lysergic modernist feel into the junglist template.

Parallels can be drawn with Lee Gamble’s deconstructed breakbeat meditations or the dark moods of Demdike Stare – however Baker’s uniquely austere and classicist take is all his own and a perfect fit for the modern R&S canon of dark dance floor experimentation.

Listen below.