Isolation Tales – Live From Home is the follow-up of the project “Isolation Portrait“, focused on electronic textures and experimental paths in music. We have selected 8 different artists (from all over the world) which recorded a live session from their homes, during the lockdown times. 8 stories, 8 portraits of 8 great artists. Check the previous episodes here.

The new guest of our live series is British musician, composer and sound artist Gavin Miller aka worriedaboutsatan. Started as a duo, the project has released the debut album Arrivals in 2009 via Gizeh Records. After the departure of Thomas Ragsdale last year, a period of reflection nearly saw the band dissolve completely, but after a bit of soul searching, Miller decided to continue the worriedaboutsatan name, albeit now adapted into a solo project.

One year after Revenant and Blind Tiger and 2020’s Crystalline, he has released a new album called Time Lapse which is out via n5md. According to the press release, The sound morphed into a more atmospheric exercise in layers of swirling guitar, languid synths and bubbling drum machine percussion, all of which feature prominently on Time Lapse, an album which features some of the first material written for worriedaboutsatan as a solo project.

The Album is quintessential worriedaboutsatan, filled with sprawling slow-burn arrangements bathed in velvety reverb tails. A must for fans of artists such as GAS, Explosions in the Sky, or Bioshpere’s earlier deep works. 

Check his live performance below.