Mines Falls are a Los Angeles based duo comprised of brothers Carson and Erik Lund. They have announced the release of the self-titled sophomore album which will be out on September 18th. According to the press release, written and tracked through the fall and winter of 2018, their self-titled sophomore album, like Nepenthe (2018) before it, emerges from extensive and experimental sessions—carved out between long work days and film shoots—in the home studio they’ve developed together over the better part of a decade. Skirting the sonic expectations of a history of music forged in garages and bedrooms, however, Mines Falls instead summons up a dense and layered soundscape, equal parts warm chamber pop and eerie downtempo, with Carson Lund’s commanding voice a constant presence throughout.

We already shared “Hey Mother“; “Red Moon, Car Wreck” is a new excerpt. Carlson Lund explains: “I had been traveling quite a bit for my job when I wrote this song, touching on all corners of the country, finding myself in quiet towns I’d never heard of before, and not communicating with family and friends for long stretches. I crave this isolation and independence, but it also distances me from people, and “Red Moon, Car Wreck” attempts to connect who I’ve become with who I was as a child. Life is a series of comings and goings, but this song is about trying to stay in one place.”

Listen below.