Disassembler is the new project of This Will Destroy You founding member Christopher Royal King and electroacoustic composer, violinist and software engineer Christopher Tignor. They have announced the debut album which will be out on 2021.  Living on separate coasts, the album was created remotely with King sending complete analogue synth and tape loop recordings from LA to Tignor in NYC who folded them into elaborate orchestrations of strings, piano, and symphonious samples created at his home studio.

A Wave From A Shore” is the first excerpt. Tignor says: “I’ve always heard this track akin to the tension and dislocated sensibility of charting troubled waters at sea, a departure into the unknown. It’s a rich emotional landscape of undulating waves of synths and then the strings that eventually consume them, moving from electronic to orchestral as it yearns to make sense of the rains and waves pounding against the listener’s small vessel. The tension of the swirling synths and trilled strings builds until the cathartic arrival at 5:08 where we finally come to terms with this world and try to own it. At the track’s conclusion, we’re suddenly left in a clearing, emptied out, for a final moment of reflection.”

Listen below.