Dig Nitty is a Brooklyn based band comprised of Erin McGrath (guitar/vocals) and Reggie Bender (drums/vocals) who first met while both were working at Brooklyn’s late great DIY venue, Shea Stadium. Through mutual friends they linked up with Bernardo Ochoa (bass/guitar) and Nick Llobet (guitar/vocals). According to the press release, their sound combines  breezy surf pop, dreamy folk, and “churchy” indie rock.

They have announced the release of the debut album. Reverse of Mastery is out on September 18th via Exploding In Sound. We akready shared “Palm Springs“; “Small Curd” is a new excerpt. Listen below.

Erin McGrath about the song: “Small Curd came out like a nursery rhyme – I wrote it after watching birds kill their young on the beach and was thinking about self-sabotage and fear. At the time, I had been dealing with chronic illness for a couple of years and that was definitely a part of that thought – how bodies can self-sabotage, and then more broadly our relationships with others, life itself, and how that cycle is sometimes self-inflicted but is also just the universal shape of things, full circle. Reverse of Mastery as a whole is focused on the details of unraveling moments; the title is a quote from an essay by Durga Chew-Bose that explores solitude and loss, and the record contains a handful moments of un-doings and letting gos under a microscope.”