Kamran is a London based producer, formerly known as Moleskin. It is one half of 1000Doors’ debuting act, Handsome Boys, and co-founder of Goon Club Allstars, a label that has successfully helped push Gqom into the mainstream as well as serving the larger club community. Transmission is the first EP with the new moniker.

According to the press release, it features five highly visual and cinematic instrumentals, outwardly exploring space and grime, and inwardly tracing his Iranian heritage.

Check the full streaming below.

Discarding his former alias Moleskin in favour of his Iranian name given at birth, Kamran uses this project to communicate with his heritage and memories of Iran, both through use of the Persian Tombak drum, and Farsi language spoken on the record by himself and his father.

Having always had a keen ear for negative space in his productions, Kamran here takes that concept to new heights. Through the anticipation of Takeoff In Tehran, the gravity free isolation of Zero G, and journey through to EP closer Destruction, this release marks a new chapter for Kamran; a deeper understanding of where he and his music are going.