Urban Eden is the project of Liz Helman and Dominic Hemy. They met in 2019 at a gig in which they were both playing. With a shared love of drones and twisting soundscapes, they formed Urban Eden and The result is the debut album called Building Gardens From Concrete which is out via Midira Records.

According to the press release, it features four tracks full of field recordings, minimal drones, ambient landscapes and fragile noise patterns. The mysterious floating tracks are accompanied by photographies by Liz Helman, which are included as a digital booklet.

Liz Helman is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in time-based media. Her work, both visual and sonic, is a response to place and environment. Beginning her process with field recordings, she then makes immersive and mesmerizing drone based compositions exploring different layers of sound and texture. Primarily using guitars and Theremins, Dominic Hemy has been crafting aural landscapes for over a decade.

Listen below.