One year after Circadian, Austrian London-based composer and producer Manu Delago has announced the release of a new live album. Circadian Live was recorded while promoting the acclaimed album during his European tour last year. According to the press release, He assembled a team of renowned talent to showcase ‘Circadian’ as well as choice tracks from across his back catalogue and some truly exceptional improvisations.

The intricate and dynamic push and pull of these compositions are recorded flawlessly, putting the listener right in the room on the night. The live interpretations beautifully recreate an atmosphere of pulsating rhythm, euphoric ambience as well as erupting cacophonies of cinematic instrumentation.

“Out of over 1000 gigs that I’ve played, this is the one programme that I wanted to make a live album of” Delago explains, “Since being a student 10 years ago, I’ve dreamt of having my own ensemble that’s big enough to have an orchestral sound quality, but small enough to give space to individual characters and to be a tight rhythmic union. After a long journey the 9-piece Circadian Ensemble evolved, consisting of three percussionists, three wind players and three strings.

I handpicked some of my favourite musicians and tried to feature their unique style in the compositions and arrangements. On the Circadian Tour we performed 18 concerts within 21 days which were all recorded. The intense schedule gave us the opportunity to develop and improve the music on a daily basis, unlike most big orchestral productions where usually there aren’t many performances. The ensemble grew together day by day and the album to me is a symbol of togetherness.”

Watch the official video for the track “Uranus“.