THSA is a London based producer.  Entirely self-taught, she released her debut EP Dawn in 2018. One year after Moonlight, she has announced the release of a new EP called Flowers which will be out on October 16th via Ninja Tune. It features collaborations with Gabrielle Aplin and Malian griot music group Trio Da Kali.

Sister” is the first excerpt. “I wrote ‘Sister’ during lockdown after finding out I had an older half sister from my estranged father that she is also estranged from,” explains TSHA. “We spoke on the phone and were texting each other in lockdown and we recently met for the first time. She’s lovely and we got on straight away, so I’m very happy to have a new member of my family as I’ve not had much of that in my life. The song is an expression of all of those feelings.”

Listen below.