Isolation Tales – Live From Home is the follow-up of the project “Isolation Portrait“, focused on electronic textures and experimental paths in music. We have selected 8 different artists (from all over the world) which recorded a live session from their homes, during the lockdown times. 8 stories, 8 portraits of 8 great artists. Check the previous episodes here.

The new guest of our series is Francis M. Gri, a multi-instrumental composer born in Switzerland in 1982 and based in Italy. He’s the founder of the experimental/ambient label KrysaliSound. Co-founder of the Italian ethereal dark band All My Faith Lost he left the band after the recordings of the album “As you’re vanishing” in silence” published by Cold Meat Industry.

In 2004 he created his solo project Apart with the aim of combining electronic and acoustic sounds in a mix of dream-like images and emotions. 2010 is the year of major changes which sees the debut of Francis’ new album “Digital Frame” to inaugurate his own label KrysaliSound.

One year after Decays, he returned with a new album called Boke. He explains: ” “Boke” is the Japanese word for saying blur and mental confusion. In 2013 a person very close to me was diagnosed with what I call the memory disease.

Unfortunately in these long and struggling years I could see every step of this disorder. So, I decided to record this album to find a sort of relief in my soul and to make people aware about this painful disease. Each track is a degenerative phase of this malady that in 2020 has no cure and is becoming every day more widespread. Our mind is a recorder that makes us react to the impulses of life. We are the sum of our days spent and without memories we go back to being a blank page. Interruption of memory is a collision between our dreams and what we are….”

Check his live performance below.