Runnner is the project of Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Noah Weinman. According to the press release, Sometimes working alone, other times acting as a musical collective with a close group of friends, Runnner fuses intimate songwriting with experimental production to create what he jokingly refers to as “Bandcamp songs for Soundcloud kids.”

New Sublet” is a new track which shows his warm and embracing vocals and the minimal lines of the sound. He explains: “This song really came together in fragments. I wrote some of the lyrics when I was living in LA, and some back when I was living in Rhode Island. When I started putting the words to music I kept swapping the order of the lines around to try and make the narrative feel more cyclical. It’s the second song of a three song cycle that meditates on physically being in one place while mentally being in another, and how that kind of puts you in neither.” 

Listen below.