hs.¬†is a Portland based duo. They have announced the release of the debut album which will be out on December via BonFire Records. Today we have the pleasure to share their first track called “Subterranean Feels” which will be out as single on September 11th. It shows a well-built, dynamic electronic flow, the warm embrace of the voice; an interesting array of interwoven melodic passages combined with the intense rhythms.

According to the press release, The track itself is a call to the people to speak out, rise up, and pursue a more perfect union. The music video, recorded in the midst of federal occupation of Portland, is a unique glimpse into a community feeling the tensions between justice, policing, and protest. The instrumentation lends itself to the idea of magical realism, allowing for the listener to dream big and manifest thier own strengths though imagination and youthful energy.